Contract Manufacturing and Repacking
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Contract Manufacturing

manufacturing.jpgChemical Packers is a skilled contract manufacturer who can expertly met the requirements of your company/business.  We can process many kinds of custom blending projects, our capabilities including liquid blending and powder blending.

With over 30 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to help meet your chemical blending requirements.  We are equipped to assist you in manufacturing an existing product or can formulate a completely new product, whatever your requirements may be.

Our facilities have the capabilities to produce both powder and liquid chemical blending in a variety of viscosities and PH’s, which can then be packaged in a range of sizes to meet your needs.

Chemical Packers is available to meet your contract manufacturing needs, whether it’s a one-time custom job, to short run or longer term contracts.  Our batch sizes are flexible, ranging from 100 litres to 20,000 litres.  We are able to work with you to ensure you can rely on us to provide quality blending solutions.

To compliment our contract manufacturing service we can also take your custom blended product then package with your own private label, offering a complete service if needed.  Chemical Packers can be all you need to process your custom job, so contact us today!



Contract filling & packing

filling-and-packing.jpgChemical Packers has a record of delivering a high quality, yet low cost solution to your filling and packing needs.  We have found that companies have a broad range of requirements and need differing approaches to ensure their needs are catered for, which Chemical Packers can deliver.

Our customers use us to outsource their packaging projects, either one off orders or entire manufacturing and packaging projects.  Through our quality equipment, well trained staff and high quality control systems we can guarantee your job will be completed to a high standard.

Chemical Packers is equipped to fill and pack short and large run contract jobs, incorporating automated processing lines along with specialist hand assembly lines.  A range of viscosities can be accommodated and we are capable of packing powders and liquids into many different sizes and shapes of bottles and cans, as well as, plastic tube filling and sealing from a 60 – 250ml filling volume. We can also fill and package pail and drums for bulk requirements.

When orders exceed production capacity Chemical Packers can skilfully work alongside you to guarantee deadlines are met.  Often these orders are temporary and rather than investing money in greater facilities and extra employees, we can assist you in filling your orders promptly with less financial risk.



repacking & relabelling

repacking.jpgUse Chemical Packers to repackage your product so it is ready for the commercial market.  We offer a cost effective, high quality service to get your products out to stores.  We take your products in their bulk state and using the latest packaging machinery technology, repackage and label products to your specifications.

We cater for a range of repacking and relabelling requirements, from fixing damaged stock, to product design changes to relabelling.  We are capable of packing both powder and liquid into many different sizes and shapes of bottles and cans, as well as, plastic tube filling and sealing from a 60 – 250ml filling volume.

Chemical Packers offers an accurate and quality approach to labelling.  Whether your labels need to be hand applied or if you have heat shrink sleeves we can provide a solution.

When you need your products repackaged or relabelled contact us to discuss how we can work with you to give you the solutions you need.  Chemical Packers will make it easier and even more cost effective than you expect.


shrink wrapping

Using the technology onsite, Chemical Packers is able to shrink wrap a variety of products.  We are able to shrink wrap products together for promotions (e.g. buy one get one free), samples and giveaways for point of sale.
Talk to us today about how shrink wrapping can work for you.